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Global reach.

On a human scale

We are dynamic, inclusive, creative and curious. Our employees are at the heart of our success.
Working with us means participating in an environment that promotes learning and development


What we do.

We develop equipment with low energy consumption and we incorporate a significant proportion of recycled materials in some of our manufacturing processes. By doing so, we not only improve the quality of iron ore pellets processed by our customers, but also contribute to a safer and greener approach to manufacturing.

Who we

Group M7, a leader in the transformation of natural resources, brings together 4 business units: Metal7, Cast7, Megatraction and Enduride. As Groupe M7, we invent and manufacture equipment that helps mining companies supply all the materials for the essential goods and services that we as consumers depend on – paved roads, construction materials, and laptops/tablets/computers that connect us.

How we we do.

Our business is growing all over the world. To support our growth, we are improving our facilities with the addition of advanced technologies and equipment, including robotics, and we are also beginning to expand some of our factories. As many have mentioned, one of the things that sets us apart from other production sites is our immaculate, well-lit facilities.

Our departments and programs


Creativity is an integral part of Groupe M7: in our way of doing things, in our products and in our manufacturing processes. If you want to address the important issues of primary industry head-on and have the freedom and resources to solve them, we want work with you.
  • We are methodical, but curious
  • We are passionate about research and new processes
  • We like to take on new challenges


Without our analytical mind and our ability to solve problems, we would stick to doing what has been done in the past. Curiosity is our compass to develop new solutions that the market needs and to provide high level technical support to customers, sales, manufacturing and product development.
  • We are strategic and creative thinkers
  • We are passionate about improving the mining industry
  • Ambitious projects do not scare us

Sales & Marketing

We are the main point of contact between our company and our international customers in over 20 countries. We maintain close relationships with our clients, develop new markets, work on new opportunities, follow up with existing clients, attend trade shows, provide pitches to clients and collaborate with other departments to achieve sales targets .

  • We are passionate about business-to-business commerce and our industry.
  • We have a broad view of the world and an understanding of diverse cultures
  • We are honest, dynamic and optimistic

Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

Our commitment to meet and maintain quality standards, on a constant and recurring basis, for our products is anchored in our culture and at the forefront of each project. We are skilled and skilled workers, welders, mechanics and operators, responsible for turning raw ideas into finished solutions, using state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.
  • We work well as a team
  • We like to get involved in the creation of new products.
  • We like to see our projects come to fruition

Supply chain

Total quality of supply, fast delivery and flawless logistics are our goals. We plan and coordinate the end-to-end value chain in each business unit. We combine the resources of our global network for canvassing, sourcing, packaging and assembly, and we deliver our equipment worldwide. We make sure everything goes well, no matter what.

  • We are passionate about project coordination and management
  • We are forward-thinking and efficient
  • We are organized and pay attention to detail

Human resources

We manage our talent, from recruiting and onboarding new team members around the world, to creating a fun and supportive culture, to providing resources for the evolution of career. We encourage excellence and organizational culture, positive industrial relations, health and safety compliance and enable people to develop the skills they need for the future.

  • We are caring and value personal well-being
  • We know how to listen and communicate
  • We are passionate and open-minded


A culture focused on creativity and solutions is the rule at GM7. We convey our vision and mission by contributing to the long-term success of the organization. We manage and deliver effective enterprise-wide services through strategic business planning.

  • We are initiative, innovation and results oriented
  • We value leadership through skills, passion and commitment
  • We are passionate about numbers and business data


Internship opportunities within the M7 Group can foster mastery of product engineering, design and manufacturing in an efficient and effective manner. By starting your career in an international company like Groupe M7, you will acquire technical, interpersonal and problem-solving skills and knowledge that will serve you for a lifetime.


“As soon as I arrived in the organization, I immediately felt a dynamic work climate, human values and a vision of the company that greatly resonated with me. Here, each individual is mobilized towards the same objective and having the support and trust of the organization and my colleagues, this can only push me to learn, improve myself and push back new challenges.”

Antoine Proulx, Continuous Improvement Project Manager, Enduride, 2 years.

We keep our promises

Meaningful work
We create a variety of career paths that facilitate growth within the organization.
We show appreciation and recognize good work/good attitude.


We offer a range of programs and practices that support the personal needs of our employees.
Balance between work and private life

We offer a range of programs and practices that support our employees’ personal needs.

Strong leaders

We employ approachable leaders who provide many opportunities to interact with employees at all levels and areas of the organization.


We survey salary and wages against competitor, industry, and regional benchmarks to ensure that the total compensation is at or above market averages.


Transparency updates, etc. with employees before the information is shared externally.

Build a career without borders

Whether you are looking for your first job or you are crossing a new step in your career, we are currently recruiting employees on our locations around the world.
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